Claudio Ciardi

Claudio Ciardi was born in 1962. He started his carrier as an artist when he was not even twenty years old. He currently lives between Turin and Rapallo and carries on his activity as an artist and a gallery manager at the same time.
He mainly works with oil on canvas, but he likes also to experiment with other techniques. His works are characterized by vigorous brush strokes and bright colours.
A rich maturity and great width of expression are tangible qualities in the work of this young artist. His landscapes are the result of his close observation of the environment he is interested in. The places Ciardi represents are not fixed through a stereotyped vision of the countryside. In fact he infuses his work with an original interpretation, he has developed through a painstaking process of research and discovery and which does not impair the aesthetic value of the environment he depicts. However, he proposes a personal vision, suggestive of a rich variety of subjective meanings.
His brushwork is clear-cut and vibrant. His technical competence has become more and more refined through his intense pictorial practice which is always accompanied by an in-depth search for meaning.
These are the strengths of this artist’s continuing ascent and development.