Mariangela Redolfini

Turin, Italy


Mariangela Redolfini was born on November 4, 1957 in Borgoforte (MN). She attended the High School for the Arts "Primo" and she graduated in Turin, at the Politecnico University of Architecture. She worked in some architectural firms for a short period. Now she lives and works in Turin. In the past, Mariangela worked on both the drawing of monuments in urban areas and the study of human bodies, using Indian ink and watercolor. During the last years, she moved her attention from drawing to painting, using several techniques, in particular acrylic on canvas. Since 2007, she has refined her way of painting, consisting in a smooth color spreading. It creates a contrast between an abstract way of painting and the drawing of a subject. Her color is bright and it is the true unifying element of her latest paintings: landscapes, flowers and some elements of the urban areas. …Mariangela Redolfini's poetic style avails itself of a multitude of vantage points that reveal the eclectic nature key to her artistic studies. From macro-like close-ups – particularly when flowers take the spotlight in her paintings – to scenes widening the field of view and lingering on landscapes, articulated by the chromatic harmony which allows a well defined view of the whole picture, balanced by the juxtaposition of planes and colors. When flowers are the lead actors of her paintings, we can clearly see the attention given to the composition of the scene and the thorough and thoughtful use of lighting. Such peculiar traits clearly stems from her academic record which provided a ripe foundation for her technical background, allowing her to express it through the sheer variety of visual solutions she offers…


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