Susie Barrow

Vernazza, Italy


Susie is a British Artist living and working in the Cinque Terre. Inspired by her love of nature & light her work can be described as a 'tactile' sensory experience created boldly and expressively without the traditional use of a brush. Whenever possible she prefers to work 'en plein air' absorbing the sensations around her and 'sealing' the 'essence of the moment 'producing watercolour and mix media sketches (at night working by torch light); she also works outside directly onto larger canvases, pre-prepared with an abstract textured base created from sand, wall fragments and left over materials from other paintings... recycling is important to her, not only regarding the environment but it also gives a painting 'new life'. Inspiration comes in many forms but the biggest influence on her work came from childhood with the love of her mother's collection of semi precious stones; their 'sparkle' moved her to obtain a degree in Jewellery Design & silversmithing and now in her painting she sees 'glistening ' jewels in twilight night scenes and dancing light in her underwater paintings.


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