Gigli Seascape 70x50


70 x 50 cm
Acrylic Painting on Wood


A leaden sky, with a thread of light between the gray clouds, the sea with the waves breaking with the foam on the beach. The sails are backlit except for one that with its bright white is a symbol of hope that runs through existence. So much pictorial art represented the sea. In this painting I was inspired by Romantic art. Not what you see but what you feel , and in fact I wanted to give that feeling that you have when observing a sea not with a clear sky but with gray clouds that gather on the horizon. It is not the blue sea on a sunny day but the dark blue sea of certain winter days. A slight transparency can be glimpsed among the foam of the waves that reach a shore enlivened by bold brushstrokes of gray, ocher and brown ocher.


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