Susanna Lightness 40x105x45


40 x 105 x 45 cm
Bronze Casting


The sculpture depicts a life-size young woman reaching out with a slight movement towards the viewer. Her hands gathered on her torso inspire a sense of protection and focus. She is a beautiful figure that expresses a lightness of spirit, but devoid of vanity. Her body plays a game of harmony, balance and expression.

This clay sculpture is the main model for castings. The sculpture is sold cast in bronze and the foundry work will last at least 3 months. Casting is limited to six artist originals - each unique in patina. The number of the originals will be engraved on the statue and a certificate of authenticity will be provided.

The pedestal is not included in the shipment for reasons of weight and size but it is possible to build it with the wood of the packing case. An assembly project will be sent inside the package.


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